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Anthology PR

Anthology PR

Hi! I’m Monica Spoelstra Metz, founder of Anthology PR. I provide PR and social media consulting services.

Monica Spoelstra Metz


An anthology is a collection of stories. And that’s exactly how I view social media — a collection of stories, voices, characters and experiences, all of them waiting to be shared.

Some are shorter than others, some longer, some funny, some poignant. The best ones are memorable, remarkable. They stir people into action in some way.

For companies, all kinds of stories can emerge to help customers and clients get to know you better. Stories provide the foundation upon which customers can interact with you in a way they find meaningful, helpful or beneficial.

Whether it happens on Facebook, Twitter, in an eNewsletter, on a blog, or through your website, all of these stories make up a company’s voice. My job is to manage that voice for my clients and to help them develop content that is as intentional and relevant as possible.

Great content starts with great writing. Voice, story-telling, memorable details — and, of course — good, muscular prose.

My experience as a writer and editor helps me identify and create compelling content for brands large and small.

My public relations experience helps me understand the protocol and potential pitfalls unique to social media.

The marketer in me demands measurable results.

Finally, I’m a very good listener. A critical quality when it comes to public relations, social media, writing, and life in general.

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